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With the power of light: Protect yourself and others from dangerous pathogens!

We at Mikrobex develop and produce safe, effective UVC air and surface cleaners for the professional use in industry, trade and public facilities.

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Confirms the effectiveness of the Mikrobex principle!

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Increasing safety and quality of stay

Safety by significantly reducing the risk of infection wherever there are many people and constantly changing crowds.

  • Gastronomy & Commerce
  • Sports studios of all kinds
  • Offices & Administration
  • Industry
  • Healthcare such as doctors’ & hospitals
  • Senior care facilities
  • KITA’s
  • Educational institutions such as schools

    and many more …

Society for Aerosol Research: “Danger lurks INSIDE”.

In an open letter to the federal government and health ministers of the federal states, the Society for Aerosol Research describes the risks of infection with SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 outdoors as well as indoors. This shows that the risk of infection by aerosols indoors...


Function & effect of UV-C rays

UVC radiation in the range of 254 nm triggers a strong photobiological reaction in the cells of viruses and microorganisms.

The intense UV-C radiation destroysthe molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) – this inactivates harmful pathogens and therefore they can no longer multiply, die, but most importantly, they are no longer infectious!

Die Inaktivierungsleistung der Mikrobex Systeme mit integrierter UV-C Desinfektion beträgt bei SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) und dessen Mutanten – bis zu 99,9 %.

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The “Mikrobex Cloud Principle” should be mentioned at this point, as the Cloud disinfection unit enables active airflow through the unit where the aerosols accumulate, directly below the room ceiling, so that this is significantly more efficient than using mobile disinfection units that stand in the room and suck in the air near the floor.


100% free of Chemicals


Clean air at all times


Safe & Odourless


Long life span

Mikrobex devices are constantly tested in the in-house lighting laboratory and with measurement technology. Not only has the Mikrobex disinfection performance been tested and confirmed by the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg, the Mikrobex UV-C air purifiers are used in the university!

Other institutions and companies confirm the effectiveness of UVC radiation for disinfection:


Mikrobex – a wise choice

Many decision-makers are faced with the choice of which UV-C Desinfection units to purchase in order to optimise hygiene to fight the pandemic. The units should guarantee safety, run quietly, be low-maintenance and reasonably priced, and have a long life.

Air filter with integrated UVC disinfection

  • Low noise, approx. 31 dB only
  • Inactivation of pathogens >99.9 %
  • highly efficient UVC radiation
  • Luftdurchsatz ca. 150, 200 oder 300m3/h
  • Continuous operation up to 9,000 hours. Only then the UV-C tubes shall be replaced.
  • No chemical additives, ozone-free, no radiation leakage
  • Optical integration in ceiling systems (Odenwald) not accessible for children
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective

Fan with HEPA filters

  • Many units have a noise level of over 45 dB
  • Particles with less than 0.1 μm penetrate the filters
  • Regular filter change
  • Replacing the contaminated filters: Danger
  • Requires a lot of space as a floor-mounted unit. Children can access the equipment!
  • Costly and expensive

An owner-managed company

The Mikrobex UV-C units are manufactured by ARTEKO LED-Lighting GmbH in Hamburg. With over 14 years of experience as a manufacturer in the project business for special lighting applications and an interdisciplinary team consisting of specialists, we develop sustainable lighting & disinfection solutions for professional use.

As an environmental partner of the City of Hamburg, sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions are particularly close to our hearts.

High quality components
Extensive experience
Validatable results
Local production